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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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Ultimately if you live on the edge of coverage you will experience unreliable voice calls on your mobile and intermittent slow data speeds.  The rollout of RBI together with 4G LTE700MHz now potentially is a game changeover for you.


Why?  Because 4G LTE 700MHz is a lower frequency than 2G and 3G.  2G and 3G only operate as low as 824MHz to 960MHz.  And this is important to understand because the lower 700MHz radio signal travels further, which means greater coverage for you.  Particularly it means you may go from no 3G data coverage to 4G data coverage, or poor 3G data coverage to good 4G coverage.


REMEMBER: If you are just outside the coverage area, we can potentially fix this for you with one of our antennas!


Here is the link to Sparks network to see if you have 700MHZ LTE.  (when you go to this page click on the 4G 700 button)

Vodafone's link is here (when you go to this page click on 4G Extend for 700MHz LTE)

2degrees link is here


RBI 700MHZ devices really need an external antenna to make them work properly. A 700MHZ LTE antenna is well worth the investment.  If you need help selecting the right device to get 4G LTE to your home please give us a call.  A popular modem for 4G LTE at present is the one shown below (Huawei B315).  Small rabbit ear antennas can be connected to this to improve coverage, but these do nothing in comparison to one of our antennas connected to it from your roof.


At Cellutronics we have the best antennas and great service to get you connected. The most common and affordable is the Cellutronics 4G LTE 700MHz Yagi which you can buy now at the bottom of this page. (Don't forget we have a 30 day money back guarantee!).


For booster kits and repeater for general 4G smartphones or other hotspot devices please go to our home page and choose your application or Carrier (Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees). 


 Huawei B315


Yagi AY12 4G LTE $279.95
Click Here for Product Details! High gain 700MHz LTE Yagi kit, with cabling and adaptor cable to suit your device

July 2016 Testimonial

Hi Zeph,

Your 12 element 700MHz Yagi is in the direction your map indicated gives me full signal on the G4 Spark Modem B315 so we have 50+ Mbps service now at home.  Who needs fibre! Thanks for your help. K. Smales, Picton AY12-4G LTE


Hi Zeph

Thank you for the fast and prompt service to help us with our broadband problem. Spark are still trying to resolve the issue after 5 days with no progress! I installed your aerial and we went from having no broadband to around a 40mb download speed and a 12mb upload. Considering that our previous best was 25mb down and 5mb up, this is a great leap forward. Giving me the right compass heading made my job so much easier. Well done Cellutronics!  Spark B315 Rural Broadband Router, J Grant, Fixit Systems, Central Otago.