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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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Cellutronics Repeaters - Two Options (click on 1 or 2 to learn more)

1. Passive Repeater (Spark, Vodafone & 2degrees)


Passive Repeater Advantages

  • Not operator specific (works at the sametime for Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees)
  • Does all mobile bands and technology simultaneously, including LTE 700MHz (4G), LTE 1800MHz (4G), GSM900MHz, GSM1800MHz, UMTS800/900/2100MHz (3G). 
  • Approximately half the cost of an active repeater
  • Does not require any power
  • No licensing required (no authorisation from Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees required) 

2. Active Repeater (2degrees)


Active Repeater Advantages

  • Phones/modems do not need to be placed on indoor radiator. (I.E Phones can move around house/office)