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Cellutronics Mobile Link System




What does this do? It allows you to leave your mobile phone in one spot and have all incoming and outgoing calls forwarded to a XDECT Uniden mobile handset, as shown below:




 Why is this useful?  Because it allows you to have your mobile phone connected to one of our antennas enjoying great coverage, AND, at the same time allowing you to walk about and make and receive calls anywhere in range of the XDECT mobile phone hand set, as if you are making them from your mobile phone.


Does it cost anything extra to do this?  No.  The only cost is the one-off cost to buy the Mobile Link XDECT system.



What is the range of this phone system?  It uses the latest XDECT technology called XDECT (extended digital) designed to cover a typical house or office environment. In fact for extended range choose the XDECT 8155 + 1 kit below and you can get an XDECT repeater to give even more range. -


Do I need to license this with Telecom, 2degrees, or Vodafone?  No. And yes the unit is NZ Tele-permit approved.


How does my mobile connect to this system? It uses Bluetooth (most phones these days have this functionality such as iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy etc.). Just place the base of the XDECT system within 10m of your phone, have Bluetooth turned on and you are away.


So what does this do for me again?  It allows you to move around your house/office/boat and make and receive calls from the XDECT handset as if it was your mobile phone, when the mobile phone is actually sitting in one place connected to an external antenna enjoying good signal level.


 What does it cost?


 System 1, CELL-XDECT-8315  $139.99 


Key features:

  • XDECTExtended Digital Technology Phone System 
  • Links your mobile phone to the handset using bluetooth 
  • Multi handset capable (up to 12)
  • Connect up to 4 mobile phones at the same time
  • Works during blackouts (the charged handset temporarily supplies power to the base unit)
  • USB charging Port for mobile phone
  • Download up to 6000 contacts from each phone to the handset
  • Typical XDECT range = entire house.
System 2, CELL-XDECT-8355+1  $249.99

Key features:

  • Two handsets with digital answering machine 

 System 3, CELL-RANGE EXTENDER R002 $99.99 

Key Features:

  • Compatible with both Uniden Systems above
  • Extends the Uniden coverage of the handsets.
  • They can be daisy chained for even greater distances