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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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External antennas for mobile phones and data cards 

The left hand side menu system on our home page allows you to select your mobile phone or data card (device).  Once you have identified your device click on it and it will list all the different types of external antennas available to you.  Read this document for a quick overview of the benefits of Cellutronics external antennas. 

Mag (magnetic) mount antennas (omni-directional - portable)

These antennas are very popular as they are portable.  By portable we mean you can carry them around and use them in your office, car, home... essentially anywhere you want. We have two types AM1-5 for mobile phones and AM1-6 for data cards. 


AM1_5_mag_jpg.jpg                             AM1_6_mag_jpg.jpg

AM1-5                                                        AM1-6

Our tests show that these antennas make 10-16dB difference in signal levels to your device (that's 10 to 40 times). As an example, check this drive test out that we did recently on the Desead road SH1 between Waioru and Turangi.   We had two phones -  one was connected to a Cellutronics mag mount antenna placed on the roof of the vehicle and the other had no external antenna.


Fixed mount omni-directional antennas

If you can mount the antenna permanently then we would recommend chosing a fixed mount antenna over a mag mount.  These antennas have the advantage that the cable can be installed permantly without risk of it being caught in the door, window etc.  Many customers think they need a high gain antenna.  This is true if your location is stationary (like in a TV in a house), so in these situations you would chose one of our Yagi antennas below.  However cars, trucks, boats etc are not stationary so in fact what you want is an antenna that has wide vertical and horizontal beamwidths. This can only be achieved with low gain omni antennas.  The AFM1-3 shown below is popular with cars, trucks, and special applications such as meter boxs, wireless card readers etc.  The AMA1-5 is obvioulsy pupular for marine type applications.  Although because the AMA1-5 has a large mounting bracket it is also very popular with wireless eftpos terminals. You can read more about vehicle antennas here.


Thruholecloseup.jpg                         bonnet_bracket_mount.jpg

AFM1-3                                                            AFM1-3 + mounting bracket


Thruholelargepic1.jpg              Marine_AMA1-5.jpg

AFM1-3                                                                       AMA1-5 Marine


Yagi Antennas - directional - fixed locations

For maximum coverage you need a Yagi antenna.  These antennas are like a TV antenna - they need to be mounted permanently and point to the nearest cell site.  Read out testimonials of customers who use these to obtain broadband at their home even though coverage is poor outside their house.

You have 3 types of Yagis to choose from.  AY9-10, AY12-12, and AY15-10.  If you want the most affordable then choose the AY9-10.  If you want the one that is going to give you maximum coverage then choose the AY12-12.  If your device is 800/900 and 2100MHZ capable and you live in an area where 2100MHZ is used then you may want a broadband antenna AY15-10 (does 800-2500MHZ). This coverage map on the Vodafone site shows where 2G, 2.5G and 3G Broadband extended is (900MHZ), and 3G Broadband is (900 and 2100MHZ). If you are not sure just contact us.

YagiAy9_12_5.jpg             AY9-12kit_pic2.jpg

AY9-10 Yagi kit  

AY80_20pic5.jpg               AY80_20pic4.jpg

AY15-10 Co-linear Yagi kit



AY12-12 Yagi kit