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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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 Apple phones, iPads and many data/t-sticks don't have the capability to plug directly into an external antenna. So all you can use is a coupling type adaptor cable.  So if you are in a very week coverage area a passive type adaptor may not give you the boost in coverage you need.  So to overcome this and obtain the benefits of connecting with a direct connection you can use a 3G router with a direct connection.  Here what happens is the mobile signal to the router is connected by a direct connection to one of our antennas then the router transmits a Wifi signal around your home/office so your Ipad/Iphone/computer can connect to good mobile broadband service using Wifi. This means with a direct connection to the router your 3G coverage will improve dramatically and as your phone/pad is connected to the router using Wifi you are free to move around the house and get great 3G coverage and speed.  The picture below explains it better.  Go here to choose a 3G router


BONUS: Remember you can also install a VOIP application on your iPad, iPhone or other smartphone and make free voice calls using an app such as Skype. (These apps use the Wifi signal from your router)