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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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Vodafone Mobile Phones


Please note - This is not all Vodafone phones. This is just specific phones especially branded Vodafone, such as "Vodafone 858"



Find and click on your phone below to see what antenna kits are available. If your phone is not listed below it is more than likely we have an antenna booster kit available for it, so please feel free to contact us.-


Direct - denotes a direct antenna connection, Passive - denotes a coupling connection. See this page to understand the differences between Direct and Passive connections.


Vodafone 155 Passive

Vodafone 236  

Vodafone 246 Passive

Vodafone 543 


Vodafone 555

Vodafone 858 Passive
Vodafone Smart II Passive
Vodafone Smart Chat 865 Passive
Vodafone Smart Mini  Passive
Vodafone Smart Prime
Vodafone Smart Speed
Vodafone Smart Ultra