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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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Find and click on your phone below to see what antenna kits are available. If your phone is not listed below it is more than likely we have an antenna booster kit available for it, so please feel free to contact us.


 Samsung 1205T  Passive
 Samsung B2100  Passive
 Samsung B2710  Passive

 Samsung C3110

 Samsung C5130  Passive 
 Samsung C5220  Direct
 Samsung C3595V  Passive
 Samsung E1100T  Direct
 Samsung E1310B  Passive
 Samsung E3210  Passive
 Samsung E3309  Passive
 Samsung F480  Direct 
 Samsung Ativ S (i8750)  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy A3
 Galaxy A5
 Galaxy Ace (S5830T)  Direct or Passive 
 Galaxy Ace Plus  Passive 
 Galaxy Ace II (i8160)  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy Ace III  Passive
 Galaxy Ace 4 (IV) Lite
 Galaxy Ace 4 (IV) Neo
 Galaxy Ace Duos (S6802)  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy Express II
 Direct or Passive
 Galaxy Fame  Passive
 Galaxy Gio (S5660)  Direct 
 Galaxy Grand Prime
 Direct or Passive
 Galaxy J1
 Galaxy J1 Ace
 Galaxy J2
 Galaxy J5
 Galaxy Mini  Direct 
 Galaxy Mini 2  Passive
 Galaxy Mini 3 (III)  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy Mini 4 (IV)
 Galaxy Note II  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy Note III (3)  Passive
 Galaxy Note 5
 Galaxy Pocket  Passive
 Galaxy S Duos  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy S  Direct or Passive 
 Galaxy S2  Direct or Passive 
 Galaxy S3  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy S4  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy S4 Active  Passive
 Galaxy S5  Passive

 Galaxy S6


 Galaxy S6 Edge+

 Galaxy S7  Passive
 Galaxy S7 Edge  Passive
 Galaxy Trend Lite (S7390)  Passive
 Galaxy X  Passive 
 Galaxy Xcover 2 (S7710)  Passive 
 Galaxy Xcover 3
 Galaxy Y (S5360)  Direct or Passive
 Galaxy Y Pro  Passive 
 Galaxy Young  Passive
 Omnia Wi8350  Direct or Passive 
 S5511T  Passive 
 S8300T  Direct 
 Xcover2  Passive
 Xcover550  Passive