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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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4G LTE 700-2700MHz Antennas

This page has our 4G LTE antennas all on one page.  You can either click on each one to view, and/or Buy Now, or if you prefer go back to our home page and choose your application from one of the square pictures, or contact us on or (03) 443-2881.


Omni Antenna 700-2600MHz AFM1-7

AFM1-7 Specification Sheet

Antenna 0nly $125 RRP, kits start from $149

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MIMO Panel Antenna 698-2700MHz

APM1-0727 Specification Sheet

Antenna by itself $299 RRP

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Log Periodic High Gain 698-2700MHz

AY15-698-2700MHz Specification Sheet

Antenna only from $199 RRP

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MIMO Omni Antenna 698-2700MHz

AOM5-0698-2700-2-5 Specification Sheet

$249 RRP


Yagi Stainless Steel High Gain LTE 700MHz

AY12-700-X Specification Sheet

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Omni Broadband Conical Monopole


$119 RRP Antenna + Mag Base

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