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We put our antennas to the test on SH1 Waiouru to Turangi.......


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Welcome. We provide specialist booster kits, antennas and repeaters to improve your coverage, extend range and increase data speed.

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Warning illegal repeater December-8-2014
WARNING. Do not buy non-NZ licensed repeaters. See this link from NZ Radio Spectrum Management.  The risk and penalties to you are too high. An
Latest phones and data devices October-14-2014
Latest phones and data devices added to website including the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, Spark MF910 Hotspot, 2degrees E5373 Hotspot, Vodafone Pocket


Marlborough Sounds Case Study

Abel Tasman Totaranui Case Study

Cellutronics Antennas in Marlborough Sounds.......


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Totaranui - We turn no coverage into good coverage with >2Mb/s download speed!


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