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FAQ - 3G Routers 

Simply put - "What are these?"

They can use the mobile phone network to connect you to the internet.  So just like using a Spark/Vodafone/2Degrees 'T-stick'/datacard except you don't need the T-stick/datacard to be plugged into your computer. This is great because it means you can place your T-stick/data card in one place (in the router) and then it re-broadcasts the signal around your home. So you can walk around anywhere you like.

So why are they so good?

Lots of reasons. Here is some:

I have a T-stick/datacard (data-device) which works great in the office but have poor coverage at home? This is a common problem in NZ, however the router kit fix's this.  Now when you get home simply plug your data-device into the router, and connect our AY15 Yagi antenna to the data-device. Now you will get great coverage when you are at home.  You can then either walk around your house with your laptop and connect to the router using Wi-Fi, or simply just plug into the router with a network cable.


I want to share my "T-stick/data card" with several family users at once - not just on one PC. Easy, simply plug your data-device into the router and connect as many PC's or laptops to the router as you like, either by cable or wirelessly using Wi-Fi.


We don't live in the City and there is no cable broadband to our house.  Dial-up is too slow, and we only have weak to intermittent mobile coverage! Great, this is for you. Whether you are in a concrete bunker in a City, batch at Castlepoint, or Halfmoon Bay of Stewart Island, if you can get any mobile phone signal, then with our AY15 Yagi kit connected to the router, you can tune weak poor coverage into fast reliable mobile broadband coverage in your home!


How much signal boost do we get to a router when we connect one of your yagis?  This is hard to answer without getting technical but here you go.  The reason why your mobile coverage inside your house is weak, is because the radio waves coming from the base stations (cell sites) get heavily attenuated by building materials like steel, concrete, wood etc.  So unless you are in a city many people only get 'ok' coverage outside their home which then becomes weak to non-existent when they go inside.  So with one of our house yagi kits installed, it firstly gets installed where the coverage is good on your roof. The Yagi kit when aligned correctly then amplifies the signal typically by 20dB (1000x) compared to your mobile phone or datacard.  Then with coaxial cable you connect the signal from the Yagi and run this inside your house to your datacard or router, thereby providing a clean radio link rather than the signal getting attenuated by your house walls and roof which can easily be a 20-30dB reduction in signal.  So the signal boost to your datacard or router can be anywhere from 20-50dB (1000 to 1,000,000x). Yes that is a lot!


Why is it sometimes I get fast data speeds and other times not?  Your dataspeed depends on two factors.  1/ Capacity (how many other people are on the same base station at once). 2/ Radio signal level.  (You need to have a good reliable signal to get fast upload and download speeds).  So for "capacity" if you want fast data speeds try and not download large files during 'peak network times' which is generally 8am-9am, and 4pm to 6pm. For "radio signal level", easy fix, install one of our Yagi kits and get the best signal level.


Why is it you guys can tell us all this information yet when we go to a Spark or Vodafone store they don't know much about this.  That's because all we do is specialise in antennas and other radio frequency products for cellphones, datacards, and routers.  We can't tell you how many free call minutes you have, account balances, or all the special features on your phones.  The guys and girls in the shops have to cover many areas at once, so it can be hard for them to be radio frequency engineers as well!  Don't let us put you wrong, some of them do know a lot about antennas, gain, uplink power, yagis etc, and that's great but please keep in mind they cover a lot more areas than we do, so please don't give them a hard time if they can't tell you exactly what the coverage is at your house, or what antenna to use.  Please give us a call if you have a technical radio frequency question.