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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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Caravan/Motorhome antennas


Unfortunately it is fairly common at the moment to travel to great scenic locations in your caravan or motorhome but find mobile phone coverage is poor to non existent.  Whilst some people may like this, others need to stay in touch with friends and family when travelling and enjoy doing simple things like checking emails, getting updates on news, or even reading up on local tourist attractions.  However, with the advent of Wifi hotspots and data sticks you will be surprised how easy it is to still stay connected when using one of our antenna kits.  (See our Case Study at the camping ground, Totaranui, Able Tasman National park). -

Choose from two types of antennas depending on your situation.


Application 1. If you travel regularly to different locations then we would recommend our AMA-1-5 antenna. Why? Because it comes complete with a fold-down mount bracket allowing it to be set-up easily on arrival and set-down when on the move. When used in a typical caravan, motorhome situation this antenna will typically boost your signal when you are inside your caravan by about 30 times. (Shown here mounted on the side of a boat).


  • Supplied with fold-down mounting bracket
  • 698-2700MHz
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE
  • Ideal for all phones & data devices
  • Standard kit: antenna, fold-down mount, 4.5m cable, adaptor cable
  • Longer cable lengths available
 AMA1_5_Caravan_mount.jpg  ama1_5.jpg



Buy AMA1-5 Caravan Antenna $224.95
Configure an AMA1-5 kit for your caravan, and we will have it packaged up ready to go the next day. Standard cable length is 4.5m (configurable up to 14.5m) with choice of adaptor cable.

Application 2. If you are after maximum boost performance and don't mind spending a couple of minutes setting up your antenna then we would recommend our AY15 antenna. This is a directional antenna, so when you arrive at your destination you need to rotate the antenna to find the optimum direction for maximum performance. (Only a general direction is needed, unlike satellite). In this situation your signal typically increases by about 100 times. 



  • Broadband (700-2500MHz)
  • Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone
  • Radome protected
  • Supplied with low loss LMR cable
  • Cable length 5-15m
  • Example Case Study here
  • Feedback from an independent campervan site here.
  • Standard Kit: AY15 antenna, mounting clamp, adaptor cable & 5m LMR cable $224.95
  •  AY15_Caravan.jpg


    Buy AY15 Caravan Kit $224.95
    Configure an AY15 kit for your caravan, and we will have it packaged up ready to go the next day. Standard cable length is 5m (configurable to 15m) with choice of adaptor cable.