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We put out antennas to test SH1, Mt Ruapehu

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 Let's boost your coverage while camping or hiking.


 To start, because you are outside when camping or hiking you will have no close-in 'clutter' loss (thick walls if inside a house, or steel roof in a caravan to overcome).  Because of this you will need a direct connection when camping or hiking.  This page describes the differences between direct and passive connections. To check whether your device has a direct connection go to our home page and use the left hand menu system.


 Option 1 - Cellutronics Mag AM1-5-2

For a lightweight carry antenna we recommend our AM1-5-2 antenna. Use this with your phone or data device if it has a direct connection. 


Magnetic Mount AM1-5-2
  • Works on Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone
  • GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE 700/800/900/1800MHZ
  • Light weight (our lightest antenna)
  • 13dB (20x) signal improvement with direct connection
  • Cable length 3.5m


Buy AM1-5-2 kit $74.95
Simply advise us your device type and we can build your AM1-5 kit straight away. Cable extensions can also be chosen,

Option 2 - Cellutronics AY15

If you are camping in one spot then it is worth carrying a larger directional antenna. Here we recommend our popular AY15 as it does all 3 operators in NZ (Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees, and even all operators overseas) and all their different frequency bands. This antenna is popular for campers as you can connect it up to say a Wifi hotspot (Eg Spark E587, Vodafone R208) and you and your family can enjoy streaming wireless internet around your campsite. Great if you need to keep in contact with the office over important emails, or if your kids need to use facebook, surf the net etc. Mount it yourself on a tripod, attach it to a tent pole, tree, whatever you like. Check out our AY15 used at a campsite at the edge of a volcano in Vanuatu here.


  • Broadband (700-2500MHz)
  • Spark, 2degrees and Vodafone
  • Radome protected
  • Supplied with low loss LMR cable
  • Cable length 5-20m
  • See an example Camp site Able Tasman Case Study here
  • Here is another example of one of our customers camping on a volcano in Vanuatu
  • Standard Kit: AY15 antenna, mounting clamp, adaptor cable & 5m LMR cable $224.95
  • AY15_Caravan.jpg
    Buy AY15 Camping Kit $224.95
    Configure an AY15 kit for camping, and we will have it packaged up ready to go the next day. Standard cable length is 5m (configurable to 20m) with choice of adaptor cable.

    Geoff Mackley Jan 2014"Our internet carried on strong through a biblical flash flood. We switched a power source to run the modem to a gel cel when the genny flooded and are still online!"